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My Life in Yankee Stadium is a peek behind the scenes from a vendor who worked 2500 games at the world’s most famous ballpark. The quirky co-workers, the bizarre assortment of fans, and the character of New York City itself all come alive as Zully gives the unique perspective that only an insider has. Also an actor, Zully shares funny and entertaining stories about various celebrities as well, whether on a movie set or in the stands.

“As a life-long Dodger fan, I found My Life in Yankee Stadium a great read. It is funny, heartwarming and a great look at baseball from the perspective of the guy selling refreshments. You will love this book!” …Larry King

If you think you know everything about the Yankees, this is the last frontier. Stewart J. Zully entertainingly unveils all that goes on behind the scenes, getting peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jack to hungry Yankee Stadium customers. It’s a profession as old as baseball, of which we knew little unless we worked there. Now, we know it all.” …Marty Appel, NY Yankees public relations 1968-77, author of Pinstripe Empire, Munson, and Casey Stengel.

Engaging...a unique book...spiced with tasty stories and cogent observations on baseball.” …Will Manus,

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