Directed by Stewart J. Zully

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Martha by Ellen Melaver 2017
   Ovation Nominated, Ovation recommended!
   Valley Theatre Award 2018, Best One Person Show

Top Ten Recommended "A worthy tribute to a true original." Stage Raw
"Top Plays in Los Angeles" -
“From the moment she steps on stage, [Carlisi] grabs our attention and doesn’t let go until it’s over. Well balanced performance, with plenty of verbal humor and enough dance to sketch in a portrait of the artist”
Sylvie Drake (Cultural Weekly)
"There are moments of magic when Carlisi…seems to channel the spirit of Graham.  When (she) elegantly tangles herself in a telephone cord revealing the magnificent geometry of Graham's technique or performs Graham's iconic shrouded solo Lamentation, the mood of these scenes shifts into an almost awe-inspiring register.…Carlisi’s performance can be incandescent."  - LA Times 
"Christina Carlisi - A Tour de Force as MARTHA!  Possesses all the creative elements, exquisitely combined, for a stunning one-woman show." - Broadway World
"Simply and elegantly produced, the play boasts excellence in both the direction by Stewart J. Zully and the choreography of Camille Loftin.  Great theatre.  See this show while you can." - Theatre Notes
"A must-see...a wonderful opportunity to explore the inner workings of a clever, very funny, interesting woman who just happens to be a dancer.  Supple and talented Carlisi does a brilliant job"  - LA Splash
"A poignant and insightful play that artfully investigates the life and creative soul of...Martha Graham.  Carlisi embodies the physical and personal sacrifices that Graham made for her art." - SeeDance News

White Guy on the Bus by Bruce Graham 2017
   Ovation recommended!
   Stagescenie Award 2017-Drama; Intimate Theatre

      Outstanding Direction
      Outstanding Production
      Outstanding Ensemble

"Under Stewart J. Zully's electric direction, performances...could not be finer.  Riveting, edgy and provocative...(with) pulse pounding suspense, White Guy On The Bus finds strikingly original ways to tackle issues of race in contemporary America.  You won't stop thinking about it for days after its final fade to black.”  - StagesceneLA
"A complex. thought-provoking and intriguing tale...Director Stewart J. Zully does an excellent job of grounding these disparate characters and keeping the audience’s eye on the many issues in the play. The talented cast develops each of these personalities and makes them live and breathe.” - LA Splash 
"Zully deftly handles this complex and unsettling story, without over complication and with some wonderfully fluid touches that really add to the momentum of the play. Suffice it to say that you won't be disappointed, not in the story, the direction and certainly not in the stellar performances.  A play that tells a story we might not be prepared to hear, but one that is so very important to experience.”
"Graham’s stark drama about America’s racial politics pumps blood into those headlines we scan over coffee.  Director Stewart J. Zully deftly ensures his excellent actors make it all too real.” - The Tolucan Times
"Brilliantly directed by Stewart J. Zully, the cast is flawless.” -Theatre Spoken Here

Two Sisters by Gail Louw 2016
“We get a strong sense of who these two women are and how their relationship has developed
and evolved over the last six decades.” -Stage Raw
“An exquisite play…brilliantly told…. heartbreaking…an emotional powder keg waiting to explode.”
 -Broadway World

American Wee-Pie by Lisa Dillman 2015
   Stagescenie Award-2015-Comedy; Intimate Theatre
      Outstanding Direction
      Outstanding Production
      Outstanding Ensemble

”Splendid…magical…inspirational…astute direction… one of my favorite Theatre 40 productions ever.” 

Paul and Eddie by Ken Brisbois 2008
“Zully exploits the irreverent humor, but also the shred of humanity in the last minutes of the two thieves crucified with Jesus.”  -Florida Sun-Sentinel

Famished by Frank Basloe 2006
“Compelling…Zully’s direction is assured.”

Khalass (Enough) by Thomas Coash 2006
“Presented with polish to make it work…a young American woman and a young Egyptian man clamber up the Great Pyramid for a picnic, and there they find out truths about each other that they don’t wish to know…Zully’s directing and the performances give it a pleasing sheen.” -Orlando Sentinel

2 by Romulus Linney 1999
“Engrossing drama….powerful…eloquent.” -Backstage West
“The production, under Zully’s tight direction, is swift and smooth and absolutely deadly. 2 moves along like clockwork.” - After Dark

How We Talk In South Boston by David Lindsay-Abaire 1999
“…Unabashed burlesque… a blast with all stops out.”  -Backstage West

Santa God by Tim Sims 1994
“Superb… gracefully directed…a witty satire…speeds along like a Tim Burton nightmare.”  -LA Times
“…A version of the North Pole that rings with the dark irony of Tim Burton.”  -Orange County Register

Stay, Carl, Stay by Peter Tolan 1993
“The absolute shaggy dog tale of all time….it delivers the evening’s most uproarious performance
(cleverly directed by Stewart J. Zully).”  -LA Times

Deuces by Steve Patterson 1993
“Directed with fine panache ….all performances are excellent.” -LA Times

A Shot In The Dark by Harry Kurnitz 1993
“Directed with a light touch…stylishly performed. ” -Dramalogue

The Life History of the African Elephant by Clem Martini 1992
“A thoroughly original view of the world…curious situations are presented humorously and with compassion, a quality in short supply these days.”  -Variety
“Stewart J. Zully elicits wonderful performances from his cast.”  -LA Reader

Bad Brad by Brook Berry 1991
 “A poignant piece of theater that is brilliantly directed…everyone has a wild, hilarious time….Zully directs a spirited cast, all of whom perform their ditsy parts with high energy and enthusiasm.” -Dramalogue

A Piece of My Heart by Matt Cooper 1991
“Zully has concocted some hilarious scenes with great visual panache… Scott Valentine and
Catherine Mary Stewart should keep the theater full.” -Variety
“Zully gives the production high energy.” -LA Times
“Zully has directed Cooper’s play with effectively mounting interest and empathy.” -Dramalogue

Chateau Rene by Sam Ingraffia 1990
“Memorable…sensitively directed.” -LA Times

Heat of Re-Entry by Abraham Tetenbaum 1987
“One of the year’s best…a mercurial and occasionally magical piece…credit is surely due Stewart J. Zully’s staging…the cast couldn’t be better.” -LA Times